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Psychocinematic Logo: Large purple and pink gradient illustration of a brain with a film camera lodged into it, on white background. Title in lower case 'psychocinematic' curves underneath

A podcast psychologically analysing depictions of mental illness and disability in popular films and TV shows. Hosted by Stephanie Fornasier, psychologist, joined by friends, family, and creators with mental health and disability lived experience. 




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ID: purple pink gradient background with small Psychocinematic logo. Text says:  “Episode 50: What America’s Next Top Model taught us about bodies, beauty, gender, and how to be on top with Clinton McQueen” 2 images below text: first is a promo shot from Cycle 11 of ANTM- Tyra Banks is in the middle doing a tree yoga pose with one leg up wearing boho 60’s (but make it 2008) bikini attire, with a sunburst surrounding her. 14 young women of various racial backgrounds (white, black, brown and Asian) surround her in similar attire as well as Jay Manuel (white male) and J Alexander (black male).  Second is a photo of Clinton (white male with blonde short hair, wearing a beanie and coat, smiling)

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