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Psychocinematic Logo: Large purple and pink gradient illustration of a brain with a film camera lodged into it, on white background. Title in lower case 'psychocinematic' curvers underneath


Psychocinematic Podcast was a concept formed back in 2019 when Steph decided she'd like to put her passion for psychology together with her passion for cinema. But as a full time psychologist working with kids, when was she going to get the time to work on it? Then the pandemic hit... just as she was about to have a baby... suddenly time was limitless! Psychocinematic officially launched in September 2020. But over 2 years later, Psychocinematic is only growing with every episode, and has become more than just a passion project. Psychocinematic Podcast is a form of entertainment, education, and a connection point with a community of people who desperately wish to smash mental health and disability stigma and end ableism in media. 

Host & Producer
Stephanie Fornasier


Stephanie (Steph) is a psychologist currently working in Disability Inclusion in schools in Naarm (Melbourne), with her own mental illness lived experience. She has a 13 year career so far, including working with kids and adults with disabilities, in private practice, and in the education system. A passionate mental health advocate and disability ally, Steph is also a big film and TV nerd, and loves to overthink even the most basic media portrayal of a thing. She's a mum of a toddler human, an adult cat Myf, and also a bit of a music snob with no right to be.

Nic Fornasier

Photo of young white man with ginger beard and black beanie on his head, eyes closed slightly smiling

The late great Nicholas (Nic) Fornasier was a video editor, working for creative agencies and post production houses in Melbourne. He had a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) and left an incredible legacy at Elastic media and previously Khemistry (Growth Ops). Nic was also brother to Stephanie and Michael, and was exceptional at editing out the burps and farts for the Psychocinematic podcast. Rest In Peace fantastic man.

Music and regular contributor
Michael Watson

Photo of young white male with brown moustache smiling, wearing a khaki hat and black mask under his chin

Michael (absolutely no nickname) Watson is a medical doctor currently working in the public hospital system in Naarm (Melbourne), having graduated Melbourne University in 2021 with a Doctor of Medicine and Masters of Public Health. Michael also has a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Film & Television) which comes in handy for the podcast, and is the only person on record to go from a creative pursuit to a STEM pursuit. Michael is also husband to Steph and dad to aforementioned toddler and cat. In his spare time he likes to create music, and is particularly a synth enthusiast. Michael was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2020, which Steph loves to mine for podcast content. 

Other Contributors to Psychocinematic

Bronte Poynts, graphic designer, is the creator of the Psychocinematic logo. She works in Meanjin (Brisbane) and is mother to chinchilla cat Macy.

Maz Fornasier, media planner, is a regular contributor to Psychocinematic as well as social media creator for the podcast. She lives in Naarm and is mother to ragdoll Nori.

Special thanks to Nathan Phillips, who helped decide on the title Psychocinematic. 

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