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Psychocinematic Logo: Large purple and pink gradient illustration of a brain with a film camera lodged into it, on white background. Title in lower case 'psychocinematic' curvers underneath


Below are resources that we either regularly use, refer to on the podcast, or have promoted via podcast episodes or fundraisers. They're all fantastic, often non-government funded resources that we love, depend on, and appreciate. We will add more to this page as we continue to access more and more resources. We hope they benefit you too!

Sane logo - the word SANE in a blue circle

SANE Australia

Support for people with recurring, persistent or complex mental health issues and trauma, and for their families, friends and communities.

Black Dog institute logo - an orange hand doing the peace sign with the shadow of a dog behind it.

Black Dog Institute

The only medical research institute in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan.


Wellways Australia 

Tailored services designed to support people affected by mental health issues or disability, as well as their families, friends and carers (in Victoria)

Know of or have a resource you think should be on this page? Contact us here and let us know. 

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