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If you're here, it means you love indie podcasts, and most especially this one. If you love us, consider supporting us! It takes a huuuuge amount of work to research, record, host, produce, transcribe, market, and release a podcast, especially a little independent one like ours. We do it out of passion and love, and to hopefully improve some values, mindsets, and hence portrayals in media. There are a few ways you can do this...

1. Subscribe to our Patreon

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Click on the image above to access our Patreon and subscribe to either the Frozen Coke (with a dash of critique), Large Problematic Popcorn, or Anti-Trope Chilli Choc Top tiers, for as little as $3.50 (AU) a month. You can't even buy a coffee for that price these days! You get a stack of bonus content, including episodes, videos, blog posts, playlists, and be able to contribute to the content we cover. 

We also regularly donate our fees to great causes close to Psychocinematic's heart, so there's a very high chance your money is going into the pockets of people who need it much more than we do.

2. Rate and review us

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A great way to support the podcast at no cost to you, is to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Goodpods. This helps our show get out there, get more listeners, and perhaps even make it on to a chart or two.  Use the links above to rate us and write us a cute review (5 stars only ploise).  

3. Spread the word

Support Psychocinematic

Still want another way to share how much you enjoy our podcast? Chronically online like the rest of us? Share our podcast on your social media page - be it your facebook, instagram, twitter, discord, or neighbourhood Whatsapp chat! Click on our socials on the banner below to share away. And if you're one of those smart people who forgoes any social media, tell your friends about us! Word of mouth is still a really important way to get indie podcasts out there. We love and thank you!

4. Or buy me a coffee!

Want to show your appreciation but don't want to commit to a subscription? Chuck a couple of bucks Steph's way and help fund her caffeine habit to keep her going!

Just click on the coffee cup below:

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